Today every business is an online business

Say Digital help you succeed and stay in control of your future digital growth

Reinvent your business together


We build the perfect Sandbox environment to scale your business on

Not so long ago, building an ecommerce or any custom software was still synonimous with endless risk taking, surprise agency fees, confusing bidding freelancer platform and no maintenance or follow up.

SAY Digital is designed to let you start growing your business online with a service you can trust everytime.


SAY Digital reinvented software development & hosting service, combining top developpers & engineers with a enterprise class cloud computing platform and a smart suite of tools. We leverage top talent & technology to streamline the whole software developement process.


Simply manage all your digital property right at your fingertips in one click anywhere you want. You can order any custom sofware development with one of our certified designers or developpers.


We reinvented the future of work

Don't just change technology, change yourself

Enjoy growing your business using efficient tools & peoples.
Dive in a seamless digital methodology designed to help you lead your project in the best way.



Change the way you use, manage and request digital services & infrastructure. Build & Deploy with confidence in an enterprise secure scalable infrastructure.


We built this awesome tool for a seamless digital methodology and to assist you on daily basis building your brand while collaborating with your dedicated Project Manager in full transparency.
liquid workforce


Don't bother finding the right people, no bidding, we handle project management so you don't have to. We leverage top talents with automation tools to make software developement more reliable and efficient.


Worry-free maintenance & follow up to support your project among time. We also include monitoring & checks to assist in pro-active management & reporting for your IT infrastructure.

To turn your idea into an app

At SAY Digital, we love Node.js, which is a powerful Javascript based framework enabling us to deliver high-quality products out to market with low overhead.

We schip fast, realtime, scalable user centric applications which work on all modern browsers and devices.

Our mission is to solve your company problems with design, coding & software automation.

We follow up all of our clients projects empowering their business with fast response proactive support to ensure their are always on top of their game.


Indeed, some cloud brokers provide basic-fix support. SAY Digital epic support is different.
It’s a result epical, inclusive approach on customers services that’s spread onto everything we do.
You don’t have to pay for it, it’s come as a standard features.




Cloud Server Redundancy

You data are duplicated on multiple high end servers that can independantly deliver your data in case of downtime or traffic load.
Even if your cloud server is down, your site or mobile app are up & running.

Cloud Network Redundancy

Those multiple servers can be host in different data center accross separate autonomous system enabling multi data-center reliability.
Even if all your server in an entire data-center is down, your services still be up & running.


Cloud DNS Redundancy

Working with industry leader Cloudflare, is part of a DNS fallback plan that relie on a separate independant DNS infrastructure made of 117 data-centers to prevent DDOS and delivering a way faster yout content globbaly.
Even if you site is under a DDOS Attack our network can take it and ensures traffic continues to be routed even under stress.


Premium SLA

Take advantage of a 99,99% SLA uptime by hosting your data and projects on our cloud infrastructure


Disaster Recovery

Relax, your data are real time backup every couples of hours. No matter what, your data won't get lost.

Managed Services

Don't Stress Over Downtime

We Ensure Your Business Continuity

Our IT team will manage, supervize and maintain your servers & softwares for you, to ensure that your digital backbone is always available and optimized for speed & security.

We monitor and pro-actively respond to issues relating to the following service elements :

server availability

Server availability

server performance

Server performance

database availability

Database availability

packet loss

Packet Loss


Email ports

database availability

Resources usage

security scan

Automated security scan

How we do it ?

cloud platform as a service

Cloud Platform as a Service

web registrar

Web Registrar

work on demand

Work On Demand

custom software development

Custom Software Development

it managed services

IT Managed Services

collaborative tools

Collaborative Tools

your project

Why we waranty our products ?

Because we know we build great products.

Using top digital talent, real time tested, we only keep the best elements to deliver only high compliance software product.

At SAY Digital, we only ship clean code. Using continuous delivery workflow at the center of our method we deploy as many as possible. Once the code proceed the automated tests, its completly clean and available for your review. This allows us to get client real time feedback quickly and simple. Once it’s approved, we deploy to production. This is the best way to continuously improve a product.

Thank to this agile methodology we can only schip high compliance code makin lower maintenance cost in the futur and enabling us to warranty the code of your digital product.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who takes care of registering my domain name ?

Say Digital takes care of registering your domain name with ICAAN. You or your company will be listed as the owner of the domain.

Where is the data stored ?

Say Digital only works with the best! We have partnered up with industry leaders to ensure you are online 24/7. Built on Amazon’s rock-solid foundation, SAY Digital products are ready to scale with data centers around the world to keep your data and your code running with exceptional customer service !

Who does Say Digital work with ?

We love working with all types of companies, from startups and small businesses to large companies looking to scale their companies and bring new ideas to life..

Which kind of tech support do I get ?

Tech problems don't just happen 9-5! Our helpful crew of developers are available to you 24/7 to help with any issues, updates and questions. Best part is, it doesn't cost you any additional money. It’s included as a standard feature.

What fees can I expect up front for registration ?

As little as $0.00. You only pay for your own infrastructure and the space on our secured cloud server that hosts the site, app or your project. SAY Digital can also provide you with fully managed IT service.

Which types of projects can I hire Say Digital for ?

The current Say Digital client portfolio includes, websites, Content Management Systems (CMS) , branding & design (UX/UI) , web and mobile based applications, and Customer Relationship Management tools (CRM). Our on-demand team ensures that your code and data are always backed up on our cloud platform.

Who owns the code of my project ?

Well ,it's you or your company. We create and manage the code and data for you. The domain, code and data belong to you. Once the project is completed our awesome staff of coders are there 24/7 to help with any issues, updates and questions.

How much is will it cost me?

This really depends on your needs and idea. Create a Say Digital account at and speak to one of our team members to you figure out what you need.