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SAY Digital grabs conventional corporate culture together with Silicon Valley insights on Startup culture via extremely complete workshop & iteration program to then deliver ground-breaking product solutions in terms of deliverability, experience, launch impact and overall technical implementation.

The talents in our network are experts in the most avant-gardiste and agile technologies.

We are driven by future.


A Minimum Viable Product is the lean way to start building your company.

A Startup has to grow its users & revenue base while iterating its viability, ant it can't do so without a functional product.

We turn your idea to a product and make sure it's ready to go to market with the proper amount of features to drive customers demand and VCs enthusiasm.

Welcome aboard the startup game

How do we deliver your product ?

The SAY Digital Framework is at the very foundation of our process.

It is split into 5 main phases of development :

These 5 phases are broke down in many steps into which we plug your project, transforming your idea to a product with accuracy.

Our framework enables a series of quick, valuable successes with massive ROI. It's a part of our so called "3 weeks MVP" philosophy. This boosts the software developement process to reach the best outcome as fast as possible, with zero compromise on features quality.

Skyrocket your Project

Don't waste money building the wrong product.

Adjust, Design, Build, Launch & Iterate.

Start acquiring customers in three weeks with a valuable product.



During the research sprint, we work with you to indentify your business problems and opportunity in order to shift a project to a product. We make use of user interviews, gathered feedback and help you make the most accurate and intelligence business strategy to help your startup make the world a better place.

And don't forget identifying opportunities is down to building the product that you would use yourself.



We value design sprints to answer critical business questions through design, blueprint, wireframing, prototyping and customer feedback. Think big, start small is the watchword to build a MVP.

It's not much about the business plan, it's about demonstrating your idea. Forget about the Excel sheet or the PowerPoint - if you don't have the prototype, you won't sell the idea. And if you get the prototype right... you may never even have to pitch.
Guy Kawasaki - Apple Former Chief Evangelist


Agile development is a powerful methodology for building software, especially face of uncertainty.

We run weekly sprints and we build a product backlog to ensure task and prioritize. We scope your project to plan how the transfomation from software concept to funtional product will be achieved during Agile Development process through various iterations and a Build-Measure-Learn feedback loop.

We deploy as often as possible. The code of your project is always available for you review thanks to the continuous delivery workflow.



Before goind live, we have to determine the launch components to bring your product to market. After debugging and making final adjustments to code quality and test automation, we have to test your product with targeted users to identify if and where the product can be improved in term of User Experience (UX).

From zero to launch.


During the Venture Design Process, we use dynamic approach to focus on continuous innovation leveraging design thinking and Lean Startup in order to always be sure to keep discovering relevant customer needs.

After software & startup culture training workshop, our goals will be to repart all the process we've been through to keep improving your product based on specific Key Performance Indicators, users interviews and data-driven choices. All that to keep the highest possible your retention rate and user experience.