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Become affiliate partner is free and fast. Upgrade your SandBox account in seconds and access to all our resources to increase conversions and thrive.

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Grow incomes with our recurring affiliate model, you'll earn from the entire life cycle of your customers, not just their initial purchase.

emojiOn Demand Payouts

Once you've reached the minimum threshold of $15 you can withdraw your cash* ! It's simple and easy. No need to wait.

* You should be incorporated to fulfill compliance of your country tax & work laws

Example : Refer a $250/mo Cloud Server and receive a $37,5 commission every month as long as your client stays with us !


Great Benefits for your Business

Dedicated sales teams here to help you
Support for your customers from our Epic Support Team
Sales, Marketing and Training resources
Online tools to manage revenues

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Do you help your clients reaching their digital goals ? Just recommend SAY Digital I/O to build & host their websites or applications.

Digital Marketers

Are you a Digital Marketer ? Refer work to us and help your clients hit their product milestones faster.


Use SAY Digital’s platform to power your clients websites as an alternative to your regular hosting provider and you will never have to worry about hiring a sys. admin anymore.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to do to refer a client ?

In order to register a client, you'll need first to sign up to SandBox, and then, to provide your client with your unique referral link available in your SandBox, in the affiliate section.

Is there a limit to how many clients I can introduce ?

No. The more clients you introduce and the more products & services they buy, more money you earn !

When will I receive my fee payment ?

When your client joins and subscribes to SAY Digital, you'll receive your initial fee payment within 30 days of client signing his paiement agreement. Remaining fees will be paid on a monthly basis, if applicable.

Will I earn additional fees if my clients expands their services at SAY Digital ?

Yes. If your clients expand services, you’ll earn 15% of thier net monthly expense for their entire life cycle.

Where can I read SAY Digital Referral Partnership Program Terms of Service ?

Please visit the SAY Digital Terms of Service. Legal questions can be sent via email to response@say-digital.io.

How can I maintain my own relationship with my client ?

We want the sales process at SAY Digital to be as inclusive and transparent as possible - meaning you may remain as involved as you'd like to be. We'll never reach out to a client without your permission, and you're always welcome to accompany clients on meetings or join a conf call.

How does the SAY Digital sales process work ?

A member of our sales team will reach you out first to discuss your client’s needs. Then, an account manager will contact your client via a phone call to determine project specs and preferences, then schedule an in-person or a video meeting where we have a chance to explain our services, benefits, and community while showcasing our best works and practices.

Can I be involved in the process with my client ?

We want the sales process to be as transparent as possible and for you to remain as involved as you'd like. We'll never reach out to a client without your consent, and you're always more than welcome.

How can I learn more about SAY Digital so I can sell it to my clients ?

Please visit saydigital.io for information about our products and services. If you'd like specific Marketing material or collateral, email response@say-digital.io.

Will you contact my client without my knowledge ?

SAY Digital will never reach out to your client without your knowledge or consent. First, our SAY Digital account manager will contact you as the affiliate partner to discuss about your plan and clients.

What do I get if I introduce my client to SAY Digital?

For each deal closed , you’ll earn 15% of your client's next monthly expense for his whole lifecyle, until the client leaves the platform. If your client scales, you’ll keep earning 15% of your client’s expense.

How will I know if my client introduction was successful ?

You'll receive an automatic email notification from us as soon as your client signs a membership agreement. You can also stay up to date on the progress of active introductions by logging into your SandBox and going to your affiliate partners section.

What information do I need to provide to register ?

In order to register and start submitting clients introductions, we'll need your full name, email address and phone number. Later, we'll need banking or PayPal informations and your company or tax number in a proper invoice in order to transfer commissions for successful deals. If you’re an EU resident, we will need your VAT number.

How do I know where my client is in the sales process ?

You can view the status of each client by logging into your SAY Digital SandBox account and viewing the affiliates section.

How can I get help if I have additional questions or special needs ?

If there's something we didn't address above, please reach out to response@say-digital.io and someone from our core team will be in touch to help with any questions or concerns.

How can I support the sales process ?

Our sales team is well-versed in SAY Digital offerings, so immediately communicating your client's questions and concerns to our team will ensure an appropriate response.

Can I make the sale myself ?

Yes, but a SAY Digital team member will always accompany you.