SandBox Managed Services

Focus on the work you love, let SAY Digital handle the hosting

Performance, Security and IT governance


99,99% SLA uptime

Take advantage of a 99,99% SLA uptime by hosting your data and projects on our cloud infrastructure.


Supervision as a service

We got you, so you won't need to hire a SysAdmin anymore.


Always fresh

SAY Digital keeps all the software and the IT up to date. Don’t bother yourself anymore.

Worry-free IT governance & managed services to support your project among time

You can add to your server two types of managed services


Reports & analytics
Automated ressources, server, databases, ports check-ups
Custom automated alerts & monitoring
DNS Management & DDOS Protection

Perfect for startups & small companies looking to increase security

Fully Managed

Software and OS Maintenance (Updating & Patch)
Incident management
Third party software management
Security, anti virus & DDOS Protection
Server Configuration & Supervision as a service

Perfect for established corporation looking for peace of mind while saving money

Fully Managed
Reports, Alerts & Analytics
Assisted Start up
Backup Setup
Server Configuration
3rd party software management
OS & Apps Incident Management
Data Security Management
Server Security
Anti virus & spam protection
Software & OS Maintenance
Updating & Patch
OS & Software Management
Cloud DNS Management
DDOS Protection

SandBox Cloud Plan

All Plans come with a free domain + SSL* (Comodo Positive).
Avoid the stress of renewal your domain and SSL with different providers and tech support. We got you covered with our free plans.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who takes care of registering my domain name ?

Say Digital takes care of registering your domain name with ICAAN. You or your company will be listed as the owner of the domain.

Where is the data stored ?

Say Digital only works with the best! We have partnered up with industry leaders to ensure you are online 24/7. Built on Amazon’s rock-solid foundation, SAY Digital products are ready to scale with data centers around the world to keep your data and your code running with exceptional customer service !

Who does Say Digital work with ?

We love working with all types of companies, from startups and small businesses to large companies looking to scale their companies and bring new ideas to life..

Which kind of tech support do I get ?

Tech problems don't just happen 9-5! Our helpful crew of developers are available to you 24/7 to help with any issues, updates and questions. Best part is, it doesn't cost you any additional money. It’s included as a standard feature.

What fees can I expect up front for registration ?

As little as $0.00. You only pay for your own infrastructure and the space on our secured cloud server that hosts the site, app or your project. SAY Digital can also provide you with fully managed IT service.

Which types of projects can I hire Say Digital for ?

The current Say Digital client portfolio includes, websites, Content Management Systems (CMS) , branding & design (UX/UI) , web and mobile based applications, and Customer Relationship Management tools (CRM). Our on-demand team ensures that your code and data are always backed up on our cloud platform.

Who owns the code of my project ?

Well ,it's you or your company. We create and manage the code and data for you. The domain, code and data belong to you. Once the project is completed our awesome staff of coders are there 24/7 to help with any issues, updates and questions.

How much is will it cost me?

This really depends on your needs and idea. Create a Say Digital account at and speak to one of our team members to you figure out what you need.