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SAY Digital helps companies growing value with high end custom software delivered on demand

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Sign up and schedule an appointment with a PM in order to exchange around your project. Make sure to have enough content to make your quote accurate. Your PM powers up your project, from providing a fixed price, picking the right team, to deliver it quickly.

Concretize your development needs


Your dedicated PM will build you an estimation using your info and past project data to provide with accuracy a product roadmap & fixed price. Quickly spin up a new developement environment for your project.

Prototype & develop your software


Once you have accepted the quote, you should process to make a 50% deposit in order to start the production. Then, our team will build an interactive prototype to match your product vision and begin to develop your solution to solve the problems of your users, test, fix bugs and deploy your software until complete validation.

On-Demand Outsourced Work The Way It Should Be

We’re using technology to simplify and streamline the entire digital project creation experience.
Get high-functionnality digital products out to market with low overhead.


Request services directly from your dashboard

Simply click the "Open Project" button. Figures it out the right pictures by chatting with our quote bot


Engage with one of our Product Manager*

Your dedicated PM* will put together your idea key component to a proposal and will help you walk through the whole process. Each PM is a part of the core team and an expert in its field. Your PM is responsible for your project success.


We assign the right team for the production

Don’t bother finding the right free-lancer to build your software project, we handle it for you. Each developer and designer on your team is "hand picked" to match perfectly the specifications of your software developpement project. Enjoy project & team transparency all the way through.

Start immediately

We're able to start projects within hours, not days or weeks

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Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of document will my PM need to estimate my project needs ?

In order to optimize your free consulting appointment with your digital Project Manager, we advise you to prepare a business Model Canva. This type of document will let you easily explain your business goals and revenue model to your project manager (PM).

How can I be sure that there are no hidden fees ?

Your project will cost the same amount regardless of who builds it and how it’s built. Once we quote you a price, we’ll stick to it no matter what.

How to modify a project already delivered without breaking the bank ?

During the first years course of a project, our team will gladly make necessary revisions to ensure that you’re going to market with the best product possible. After then, you can subscribe to a minor modification package for your project.

Can I modify the product roadmap in progress ?

The validation of the development roadmap of your project is done on a basis of mutual agreement during the exchange between you, your teams and our Project Manager. The roadmap will be reviewed and electronically signed. We don't do any versioning of your project or software, except on specific request that is the subject of an estimate.

Can I pay in several times ?

If you are a European or American company, you can ask your PM to spread your payments and create a financing schedule for your digital project.

What are the guarantees for my project about the quality of the work provided ?

We combine top software professionals with intelligent monitoring and automation tools to deliver better products. SAY Digital warranty all native bugs resulting of our code. We do not warranty third party software or code, except if you subscribe to a full managed option.